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Stress management encompasses techniques intended to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress.


Relationship problems are situations and difficulties that have a negative effect on the short and long term success of an intimate relationship. Both counselling and psychotherapy are recommended to help with learning how to better deal with all sorts of relationship problems.


Depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working.

Protea Psychotherapy Practice

Expert Clinical Psychotherapists in London

Protea Psychotherapy Practice has carefully selected a team of leading professionals in the field of psychological interventions for personal change to help you resolve difficulties you might be suffering from. We understand that there are times when the challenges of life can make us feel overwhelmed and isolated, and it may feel difficult to talk about how we feel to those who are closest to us. We often go through transitions and crises and experience uncertainty and loss. How we deal with difficulties in our life is an important aspect in how we move forward and ultimately who we become as people. Our aim is to work in a diverse way to help you find clarity and understanding and move towards implementing change. We facilitate your transformation by creating a more balanced way forward in your life once you have taken the courage to come to therapy.


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Hello, I am Lordia Lewis-Spencer MBACP UKCP

Clinical Director and Lead Psychotherapist

My motivation to establish Protea Psychotherapy Practice comes from an innate curiosity of how the human mind works. It is driven by my passion to help others feel understood while enabling them to begin to understand themselves. One of my greatest rewards as a therapist is actually helping our clients explore ways to make the changes in their lives that will allow them to look forward to the future with hope. I believe that we all need someone who will really listen and accept us as we are, without judgment. I provide our clients with that warm, non-judgmental environment – a safe place to explore the issues that may be preventing them from living the life they want. I sincerely believe that therapy can make a difference to the quality of one’s life and their capacity to engage with the world around them – emotionally, socially, academically and professionally.

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