Luckily, being grateful does not mean convincing myself of some bogus notion that everything in my life is nice and dandy. Nor does it mean being obsess with a grandiose conceptualisation of what it will be.

However, living my life with gratitude means I choose to focus my time and attention on what I truly appreciate. Obviously, the goal is not to block out my difficulties, but to approach these difficulties from an alternative perspective.

This new but necessary internal appreciation is what keeps me grounded. It soothes any potential anxieties by connecting me with the wonderfully ordinary things in my life, both great and small which I might otherwise have taken for granted.

So as the end of 2018 draws nigh I CHOOSE to be humbled by all your well recieved love and support throughout an eventful year. I sincerely appreaciate you and is immensely GRATEFUL.

Here goes……..
This is me saying THANK YOU.

Gratitude is ultimately the best attitude. Hence, on this the last day of the year, ‘what are YOU grateful for’?

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