Power of Reflection

Power of Reflection

Reading the paper was the catalyst that got me reflecting on our current circumstances and the country political climate. But as I am not one for politics, the reflection soon got personal. .

Self-reflection happens when we systematically ask ourselves thought-provoking questions. I find the biggest benefit of self-reflection is that we gain a bigger-picture and clearer overview of our lives.

It gives us a better understanding of our personal place in society, our life situations and how we impact our own thinking and feelings. This insight is what gives us the power to act more wisely in the future.

This new understandings of ourselves lead to new thoughts, new thoughts lead to new emotions and that hopefully, brings about new actions and behaviors.

You see, self-reflection is about becoming a wiser person and a better-positioned individual who will act smartly, efficiently and ultimately create the life of your dreams.

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