Relationships Reflections

Relationships Reflections

You are not allowed to decide how others navigate the relationships in their lives. You do not have permission to focus on others relationships or project your thoughts and feelings about how they have chosen to respond or relate to them.

We all have our reasons for being the way we are. However, if you feel the need to pass judgement on others relationships, then it would serve you well to have some understanding that there are different attachment styles that many of us are blissfully unaware of, even though they are the foundations that dictate how healthy or unhealthy our relationships are.

Many of the fears, beliefs, and behavioral patterns we emulate as an adult are derived from how we felt in early childhood, especially the first few years of life.

Our thoughts and actions are shaped by the way we were attached or not attached to our primary caregivers. Whether that was our mother, aunt, foster parent, grandmother, etc.

We need to understand that attachment is very useful and relevant especially in identifying our insecurities and or detachments that affect our existing relationships and our overall emotional well-being.

So rather than passing judgments on others, it might be more beneficial to first take the time to understand one’s own response to ourselves and ultimately our relationships.

Since we are all different we deserve the space to acknowledge and respond in ways that are most appropriate to us and our circumstances.

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