Today I survived

Today I survived

Life isn’t fair. Never has been and probably never will be. But do I give up? Do I throw the towels in?

No! And NO!

On the days when life feels pointless are the days we need to be our strongest selves. Being positive and happy can be effortless but trying to stay afloat and remain purposeful, fill with hope can be tiring. It is so tiring as it takes every ounce of energy in your being to find the hope you so earnestly seek.

Having days like these aren’t the problem. However, surving these days are our most worthy of accomplishments that we give so little value and attention.

So today, on one of my ‘pity party’ days. The day when I host and attend a party all by myself, dancing the day away with misery. I stopped, I literally stopped. Asked the DJ to turn off that pessimistic music of life, to kindly pack up his band and leave quietly.

With some peace and quiet in my head, I can finally hear myself breathing, I can feel my pulse, I can now even hear my thoughts.

Don’t you cry! My thought whispered. With a swallow I choked the tears back and calmly walked to the mirror.

Nervously smiling at myself as I played dodge ball with my thoughts of ‘how crap life is’, ‘how crap I looked’, etc. Trying to find the reminding thought of why I came to the mirror.

Saying out loud with every strength I could muster. Slowly my affirmation statements got louder and more believable.

I can say, today has not been one of my better days, but I can also proudly say that TODAY I SURVIVED. I survived life.

Today survival means another opportunity to truly live tomorrow. Tomorrow is only possible because I survived today.

Acknowledge all your emotions, express them accordingly and most appropriately. Be balance, remain positive and keep going.

Lordia Lewis

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