I was once invited to a close friend’s special occasion and on the invitation it stated ‘your presence is your present’.

This statement was so profound it has stayed with me over the years. As majority of the time we just need others to show up for us. And in the same vein of our expectations we show up for them.

It is as simple as that.

So recently I have been demonstrating the power of truly being present in my doubts and my fears as well as my victories and my celebrations.

I know sometimes we want to conjure up something brilliant or wise to say but in reality it is our presence that is most important. I believe it is our ability to show up and stand in our purpose that truly conveys who we are.

All I did was ‘show up’….. and I showed up as me. I was ‘brilliant’ as always, in my own convoluted way but most of all I did what I do best which is making others feel good about themselves.

Based on my reflection, I encourage you from now on to completely embrace and frequently practice showing up.

I ask, will you allow your ‘presence’ to be your ‘present’?

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