Dottie Woods

Oncology Therapist

Please remember there is always hope when life is difficult. Taking that first step is incredibly hard but please be brave and believe in yourself, I believe in you.

As a person-centred counsellor I am able to offer a therapeutic relationship in which you are able to feel truly understood, experience genuine empathy and caring support. In a world where everything is so fast paced, you will have time to explore your feelings, anxieties and with guidance enable you to achieve personal growth and happiness. For the past eight years I have worked alongside individuals and families affected by cancer. I have been in the privileged position of working with terminally ill people and have learnt so much from their wisdom and life stories. I have witnessed life changing experiences and helped people grow to their full potential and live flourishing lives.

As an exercise to music professional and beauty therapist, I believe in an holistic approach working with mind, body and soul celebrating the beauty inside and out. I have all the skills to enhance your inner strength and become the person you strive to be.

Your sessions are all about

My role is to facilitate you into being the person you have only ever dreamed of.

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